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Doesn’t my hotel offer this service?

Some do. Some don't. They tend to charge per item so you will have to calculate and fill out a laundry list. It can also be very expensive, (3-5 times more) when you have a lot to launder. They will add it to your room service charges when you check out, which will incur further taxes.

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 services. Same day return (most popular) £54, next day return £44 and overnight return is £64 and we charge per large bag, not per item, so you can really pack it all in.

How do I book a collection?

You can use the Book a collection button on our website to schedule your laundry pick up. If you are having a technical issue you can call our customer support team and we will try to assist you.

How do I pay?

At the time of booking your collection your order is automatically totalled and you will be able to pay using credit or debit card.

How do I measure/weigh my laundry?

You don’t. You get a generous capacity. As long as it doesn’t exceed a standard large suitcase you are fine.

What shall i put my laundry in?

You can place everything in your suitcase or a travel bag or use multiple shopping/grocery bag(s) even disposable ones, ensure they are all labelled with your name and room number..

Can I drop my laundry to you?

Unfortunately not. Our facility is about a 35-45 minutes drive outside the collection zone, so it is more economical for us to collect and deliver to you.

When will my laundry be collected?

When scheduling your collection you can choose an hour slot for your laundry to be collected. Same day orders are collected between 9am - 12pm and Next day/Overnight express orders are collected between 7pm-10pm.

When will my laundry be delivered?

All same day and next day orders are delivered back in the evenings between 7pm-10pm, you will receive your laundry back at any time during this window. Overnight express orders are delivered back in the morning by 11.30am.

What if my Hotel won’t keep my laundry?

On the rare occasion that your hotel reception won’t hold your laundry, let us know and we will collect it directly from you during your 1 hour collection window and arrange a convenient time to return it back to you.

What if I am in an Apartment?

No worries, we can still collect. If you have a reception you can leave it with them or we will collect from you directly during your 1 hour pick up slot and deliver at an agreed time.

Do you dry clean and iron?

No, we are a wash, dry and fold operation, please ensure you only include items for washing and drying, we cannot accept responsibility for items not intended for washing and drying. .

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